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DeepDropCommercial in the Caribbean
DeepDropCommercial in the Caribbean

Welcome to Deep Drop Commercial, the website for commercial deep water fishing run by fishermen for fishermen. With over 35 years experience owning and operating our own fleet of vessels and pioneering many commercial line fisheries we are the best people to offer you the right fishing equipment, tackle and advice.

Deep Drop Commercial supplies equipment from some of the world's best suppliers of commercial fishing equipment. For brands like Virhydro, Belitronic and Harbapro, talk to Deep Drop Commercial.

Serious gear for serious fishermen.

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ProFisher Reel

Most powerful 12 and 24 Volt DC Commercial Electric Fishing Reels available.

DDC ProFisherFeatures:
· Powerful 400 Watt 4 pole electric motor
· Corrosion Proof Delrin Spool
· Heavy Duty Mechanical Brake suitable for Deep Drop Fishing, Trolling with Paravanes or Cannon Balls etc.
· All 316 S/S and corrosion proof construction
· Electronic Speed Control
· Internal auto-reset thermal overload
· Emergency Stop
· FWD/N/REV switch
· Digital Ammeter
· Simple to use  Full Report


· Absorbed Power : 40 Amps

· Peak Power : 120 Amps for 4 secs

· Voltage : ProFisher 1200- 12 VDC ProFisher 2400- 24VDC

· Line capacity : 1500 m 1 mm Dyneema braid.

· Lift: 250 KG  Full Report

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The Deep Drop Commercial public forums are open! Set up your own account and come spina few yarns on the best gear to use, the best spots to fish, and the one that got away.

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Hydraulic Powered Reels

Final Report dated March 2013 released by AFMA and CSIRO

Read the Final Report dated March 2013 released by AFMA and CSIRO on using Hydraulic Powered Reels to target Blue Eye Trevalla.

Hooker Electric Reels

Hooker Electric Reels

Check out our partner site Hooker Electric Reels for premium quality and performance

Belitronic BJ5000 Jiggers

Belitronic BJ5000 Jiggers
Deep Drop Commercial and Belitronic introduce a smarter way to hook fish, the BJ5000 Electronic Jigging Machine.

Fish of the Month

Fishermen are invited to send their best photo in with a description, location and info.

Mick from the north coast with a prize Flame Snapper over 15 KG.