Hydraulic Longline Hauler


This specifically designed hydraulic longline hauler retrieves the mainline from pelagic or demersal set longlines. The hauler retrieves monofilament or rope mainlines of 0.75mm to 10mm.

Used on boats from 7-28m, the mainline is held in place by a pressure belt. The Genihauler system retrieves the longline without twisting or rolling the mainline and neatly guides it into the patented filehook storage tubs.

It is used for tuna, mahi mahi and bottom fishing (hake, snapper, sea bass and groper):

  • hake fishing with 900 hooks hauled per hour
  • albacore and tuna fishing with 750 hooks per hour
  • deep fishing at 350m in Spain

The hauler is compact and easy to operate. It is very efficient fishing gear and has been designed with crew working conditions and safety in mind. There are speed and stop/start controls easily located. Hauling can continue without stopping except to land large fish or for tangles.

Exists in starboard or port side.

REF Pull Speed Flow Pressure (bars) Power Dimensions (cm) Weight
GENIHAULER 200kg 0-60 m/min 12 l/min 130 (Service)150 (Max) 3.5HP 1200 x 37 x 55 75kg